Virginia Earthquake — HIDDEN FACTS by Lance Wallnau

I was on the phone this afternoon talking to a key student leader at Harvard about the spiritual shaking that began with our last conference. He said the agitation has accelerated now that Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry have become candidates. CNN and the media (as well as campus agitators) are zeroing in specifically on the “7 Mountains” message as their target. The devil is stirred up and trying to embarrass, slander and brand any candidate associated with Christian thought as if they were advocates of a Christian “Taliban” imposing some sort of religious dominion over others.As Andre and I spoke, he interrupted our call to receive a text from his wife … she had been evacuated from her office building because of an earthquake!By now you know the 5.8 quake was centered in Virginia, just northwest of Richmond. It shook Washington D.C. and tremors reached New York and even further north.

Virginia is nicknamed “Old Dominion” because of its key role as a governing state located in the drama of our formation as a nation. It gave us Jefferson, who penned our Declaration of Independence, and Washington, who led the fledgling armies of our revolution against Great Britain.

It’s hard not to state the obvious prophetic significance of this event as our Old Dominion is shaken.

For six months I have been emphasizing that Jesus told his disciples to “look up” when the “powers of heaven” are being shaken, because the “kingdom draws near.” In other words, in the last days … heaven is coming to a theater near you!

Following are the thoughts I had as I reflected on the day’s events and I wanted to share them with you.

  1. “Everything that CAN be shaken WILL be shaken.”  As Heaven invades earth both realms — earth and heaven — will shake. Paul spoke of “wrestling against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”  This heavenly shaking will increase in the last days as Satan’s headquarters in heavenly places are under siege. These “heavenly places” are the seats of powers that influence the key centers of influence on the earth. Warfare up there results in shaking down here, physically and in our systems of government and economics.
  2. The spiritual and the natural realm are linked together. The unseen has an influence upon what can be seen. Likewise, what is done here can effect what happens there. If not, why pray?
  3. The issues we are deciding in our nation right now will determine the degree to which we are shaken in the near future. If we come under the dominion of God’s grace, we will be spared much shaking. If we don’t, we will likely experience the same anarchy as has been seen on the streets of other nations. Perhaps worse, as our fall will be from a higher precipice of prosperity. Indeed, America’s educational and media elites have more of the French Revolution’s hatred of religion than they have of the American Revolution’s embrace of faith.
  4. The good news? The church in the United States is a lethargic, divided, sleeping giant. The shaking, however, will at some point shake something loose. Like the now infamous Janet Jackson Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction, it is possible for something to shake loose and spark a cultural backlash. Nothing unifies like persecution.

Shaking may actually be an answer to our prayer for awakening. Let’s continue to lock shields and stand firm against the gates of hell.


If we stay together, we survive.” -Maximus


Lance Wallnau


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