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We have a desire to strengthen and encourage the church in the region much as Silas and Judas did with the church in Antioch. (Acts 15:32) We are available for ministry.

Acts 15:32-3332 Now Judas and Silas, themselves being prophets also, exhorted and strengthened the brethren with many words. NKJV

We would love to come to your church and minister. To have us come just contact us at 585-303-2064 and ask for Bob. Feel free to e-mail us here.

5 Responses to Speaking Engagements

  1. Chris Lonneville says:

    I am a local pastor in western NY and have known Kathy for all of her life (since she is my sister:) ) and known Bob and Kathy since they moved back to NY and have watched them grow and develop in their ministry and giftedness. They have taken a small church plant in Geneseo, NY and grown a church of significance and impact in their region. Their church has such a wide variety of peoples – from gender, to race, to age, to spiritual maturity. It is a wonderful thing to enter a church that genuinely acts and feels like a church for all peoples. They have weathered their share of storms and done it with a sense of royal dignity and trust in the Lord for His heart to come forth that I am both amazed and proud (though I did nothing to warrant the pride – other than it’s my family doing so well.) Bob is a good leader with a good teaching gift and a sense of the larger church that enables him to see the bigger picture and not fall into the trap of parochialism. Kathy has one of the most significant prophetic gifts I have heard and seen, and even though it’s my own sister, every time she speaks a word over our people or over our lives, I have felt undone in His power and presence.

    They have both come and ministered in our church here in Warsaw, NY and have done so with a sense of honoring the house and not endeavoring to build their own empire – but that together we can help in establishing His Kingdom in a greater dimension. They have never given us cause to wish they hadn’t come and on every occasion, we have been blessed by the ministry and the spirit with which it is given. I highly recommend them as being sound in their orthodoxy and orthopraxy and would not “blow in and blow up” the church. They come in to strengthen and encourage the house and leave a deposit of grace and hope.

    Pastor Chris Lonneville
    Full gospel Community Church Warsaw NY
    Area Rep for Elim Fellowship

  2. Reginald Cox says:

    It is with great pleasure that I write this comment, regarding Pastor Bob & Prophet Kathy; They have been instrumental in our ministry while we were at The Salvation Army & now that we are a established ministry in the Rochester area.

    I have personally recieved prophetic words from this ministry that has directly launched other works as well as The Fatherhod Connection throughout the Southern Tier & Western NY. This ministry will be a blessing to all who open the door to them, there is a specal grace dispensed from God’s throne room!

    Apostle Reggie Cox

  3. Jack Hempfling says:

    I have known Bob and Kathy since 1989, and found Bob always to be a tremendous encouragement to the Body of Christ, and to others in ministry one on one. Kathy is being used mightily of God in the prophetic ministry; my wife and I often revisit past words we have received for our church or for ourselves personally, and are continually amazed and encouraged by the accuracy and anointing evident by her ministry. It is with great joy that I commend them to all as a wonderful couple, a terrific family, ministers who encourage by their lives, their ministries, and their words.

    Jack Hempfling, Sr Pastor
    Living Waters Church
    Author, “Before You Go”

  4. Drs. Jim & Judy Stevens says:

    We are blessed and honored to be friends and co-laborers with Bob & Kathy Campbell. It has been refreshing and beneficial to have them minister in our home church, Marion Christian Center in Marion, Ohio. The Campbell’s have a depth of maturity in ministry and are role models and examples of a “father of the faith” and a “mother in Israel”. Bob and Kathy have a passion for the advancement of the Kingdom of God and have the revelation and anointing to motivate the church into fulfilling their personal destiny as well as transforming communities into places of godly influence. The Campbell’s will inspire you with their prophetic and apostolic insights as well as the wisdom and the spirit of counsel they carry.

    Drs. Jim & Judy Stevens
    Executive Directors of Christian International Global Network

  5. Ulysses & Joyce Colson says:

    Bob & Kathy are wonderful people in the body of Christ and we know that their ministry will bless you. We have had the opportunity on more than one occasion to have Kathy come in and minister to our congregation. Our congregation has not been the same. It was the true word of the Lord that she spoke and it was the true word of the Lord that brought about a change in the hearts of God’s people.
    We have also visited their ministry in Geneseo, NY along with some people from our congregation and again, the word of the Lord was spoken from their hearts. It’s amazing how they can hear a clear word from the Lord. We continue to embrace their ministry and the work that God has called them to. We pray that as you come to know the Campbell’s that you to will embrace the wonders of God’s love that flows in and through them.

    Apostle Ulysses & Pastor Joyce Colson
    Abundant Life Faith Ministry (an inner city church)
    Rochester, NY

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